Our Services


Process Serving

Australia Wide we provide this service to many clients such as Solicitors, financial and as well as individual clientele.  Our process serving meets all necessary deadlines.

Even the most complex and most difficult service, our clients can be assured that we have the ability and dedication to affect service correctly.

Our success rate in this area is arguably the best.  The majority of cases we are asked to complete have been passed to us by other agents.

In cases where documents cannot be served we provide all necessary affidavits of attempted service to provide the courts with sufficient evidence for additional orders to effect service by other means.

Debt Collection

At NCIS we do all sorts of Debt Collection. We collect from small amounts to many thousands.

Our policy at NCIS is, if we do not collect the debt you do not pay.


Our investigators use the latest techniques and equipment to gather evidence for our clients. At National Collection & Investigation Services Pty Ltd all our private investigators are fully licensed, qualified and experienced in all the following areas.

  • Workers Compensation (factual & Surveillance)
  • Motor Vehicle (accident & theft)
  • General Insurance
  • Pre- Employing Screening
  • Family Law (Surveillance)
  • Missing person
  • Decoys De Bugging

Asset Repossessions

At NCIS we are able to repossess any items from cars, homes and home goods.

When you choose NCIS, you can be confident your assets will be quickly recovered by repossession specialists who are fully licensed, aware of their responsibilities and who always seek to act in your best interests.


NCIS has affiliations with many law firms across Australia. Each one of them is a specialist in their field, from debt recovery matters to criminal law and family law.

Evictions & Lockouts

At NCIS we are able to do all Evictions & Lockouts Australia wide.

Debtor Locations

At NCIS we specialise in finding people. We have and use the latest techniques and equipment to gather evidence for our clients.

Court Examinations

We regularly attend examinations in all courts Australia wide.

Clients can be assured these assignments are treated seriously by NCIS. We meet debtors face-to-face to obtain information needed by our clients to effect a satisfactory recovery action.

If the debtor does not provide the required documentation described in the Examination Summons, the debtor will not be examined and the hearing will be adjourned (unless otherwise directed by our clients). All debtors are offered the option of a settlement to pay out the debt.

Should a reasonable repayment plan be offered, debtors are asked to make their first installment at the time of the examination.

Court Filing

We regularly file documents on behalf of our clients. This can be done Australia wide.


NCIS can come to your office and work from there in order to assist your staff to collect any outstanding debt owed.


We have and use the latest techniques and equipment to find the bugs in your work place, office, home and any other place they may be.


  • Body Guards
  • Static Guards
  • Alarm Installations
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Covert Guards

Alarm Installations & Alarm Monitoring is done through our affiliations with other security companies.